Export into Excel

When i export a report in excel from nav2013, it is popping up error of excedding 65k rows…msoffice 2007 version
what do i do if i have a report which has 3lac rows?

ERROR–Rendering output for the report failed and the following error occurred

: Excel Rendering Extension: Number of rows exceeds the

maximum possible rows per sheet in this format; Rows Requested: 102572, Max Rows: 65536

Excel 2007 maximum row limit is 65536 you need to have higher version of excel …

thank you for the reply, if i create a new excel, it shows me 1 million rows…

You are probably set to save in Compatibility Mode.
Click on the icon in the upper left corner of your worbook.–>Click on Excel Options–>Click on Save
Under Save Files in this Format, change to Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)

Try to save your file in .xlsx format.


this error is also in msoffice 2010…

Can i do something like, after 65k rows, it should create a new excel file.

Please suggest me … and how.?

Do you really need an Excel file directly?

An idea would be to write your data in a text file and to open that text file in Excel afterwards.

same thing,i am working on…

i am trying to export a report in text as there is no office installed on server , that’s why i saved it on server as .xls and copy to my computer…

but it is giving the error, …

I’m talking about the Outstream function (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd301446.aspx) to write a text file.

There shouldn’t be a check regarding the max rows.