Export / Import Record Level Security in Ax 2009

Hi Guy’s [:D]

Could any one tell me how to export / import RLS in Ax 2009.

While creating Record Level Security in Ax2009 we will define query range. how to find the relation between sysrecordlevelsecurity Table and already defined query range…!!

Thanks in advance…!

This has been asked previously and left unanswred:-


In short I do not believe this is possible in AX 2009.

Actually, we made test server with application & database then some one deleted record level security records in live server. now its my job to import RLS in live server. I have same data in test server also but i don’t know how to export/import record level security in ax 2009 along with the query range …!!!

Please, help me immediately…!!!

Thanks in advance…

Thanks WillstaDS3 for quick help [:D]