Export/Import Label files

Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else is having a problem exporting label file IDs and then importing them and the files not retaining the labels. We are experiencing a problem when we import, the imported labels are just the generic system coding instead of the actual text in the label. We have created the label files in the system before importing, but still no success. We have also read and followed all the necessary steps as stated in the Application & Developer’s Guide with no avail and was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks so much.

Carlmonje, wou wrote that you “created” the label files on the system. But did you replace the label files on the “live” system with those of the development system? The export / import project procedures do not contain functions to add a new label to the existing label file, which means that whenever you add a label (when working on a project), and you want to see it in the live system, you need to copy the files :(. I guess you know how to handle things around the label files … Patzerkoenig