Export/Import All Human Resources data

Hi everyone !

I’m trying to export all human resources data from an instance of dynamics ax to another instance. I have lot of employees with their respective details (certificate, etc.) and i used the DMF or the DIXF with no success (i used to export in to binary files with AX format).

So, can you tell me what is the solution to export/import data from/to ax ? cause the method that i’m using to do it (with jobs) is not a good one.

Thanks in advance for your replies !

You should address your issues with Data Import Export Framework rather than looking for something else, because you won’t find anything better.

Thanks Martin Dráb for the quick answer ! I know that Data Import Export Framework is the best way to do it but how ? I’ve followed the steps described here with no results. Coming to the staging Data, it tells me that 0 records was inserted. So please tell me how to do it step by step to export / import all human resources data. Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:

Sorry, nobody can give you any advice if you don’t describe what you did and what happened.

What’s your version of AX, what entity did you use, what data source did you use, did you get any error message etc.?

Thanks for your reply. Here is the steps that i followed :

I went to Data Import/Export Framework => Common => Processing group.

I’ve created a special processing group for employees and I clicked on the button “Entities” in the “Processing group” window, and I add a line using the DMF entity “Employee” with “AX” Source data format like this :

After that, I close this window and I click on the button “Get staging data” in the “Processing group” window :


And I click on “OK”.

Then a click on “Run”:


Then “OK”.

Here is the result:


So, what am I doing wrong? Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

Up ! Is there any answers please ? :frowning: Please i need help

I’m unable to reproduce your problem. Ensure yourself that you have data to export in the active company and that you don’t have any filters set up for the entity.

If all setup if correct, either debug the code or ask Microsoft for support.


Use Copy entity data between company wizard and select Employee and Employee address entity to transfer data between company.