Export each object in a seperate text file

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I need to import many objects from our german solution partner into the dutch version of NAV. Therefore I want to use Beyond compare to compare the text (txt) export to the dutch version. But comparing a 80mb textfile is a far too much work. So I want to compare one object at a time. Is there a way to export each object to a separate text file?



Hi Jacob,

You can use an object splitter for this. There are many of these around in fact you can download one from this site


Thanks alot Dave, Excellent tool. :slight_smile:

Glad to Help [:D]

Hi Dave, do you know if there is a newer way to do this that handles pages?

On NAV 2009 (since SP1) you can easily write your own export using the EXPORTOBJECTS function. No need for external tools at all.

I have uploaded a batch report I am using for this here.

Awesome! That works great, but the reason I wanted to use that utility was because of the nice function where it changes the date of the exported file to match the modified date on the object.

Thanks for the great report though! This will be very handy as well.

Didn’t know this this was available - I have a number of uses for this - Thanks Luc

You’re welcome. Probably you’ve now also seen that C/SIDE has a counterpart function IMPORTOBJECTS.

Very good tips Luc.

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Also you’re welcome, Ricardo.