Export Data from "Concord XAL" to NAV2013/R2

G’day to all,

I’m looking for some help with a technical issue based on data export from “Concorde XAL”. Does anyone know of any features, tools or a traditional import process as well as export to CSV that would allow for NAV2013/R2 to import data from “Concorde XAL”?

The access to the legacy application Concord XAL doesn’t work. They use a proprietary database without ODBC-connections or similar tools and features. The main issue is the export process.

I’ve tried searching the networks but I couldn’t find any good leads.

Many thanks for your help and support.

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HI, the company I work for use to use Concorde XAL, we created an ODBC connection to Concorde, then used MS access to pull out the tables we needed, once in access you just open the tables and export what you want to csv files, this is how we transferred our data from Concorde XAL to NAV 2013.

I think I still have the ODBC install files to access the system if you want me to see about getting them to you.

@Matthew: forum has Downloads section - you can upload the installation there.

As I recently wrote answering another thread, all installation media can be freely distributed without fear of licensing infringements.

MS unfortunately doesn’t offer any downloads for old (support ended) versions, besides, XAL is pre-MS product, in fact, Axapta & Navision were not joined yet, too, in XAL era.

Hi Matthew. This sounds like a good plan. Might you follow the hint and copy the files into the Download section? This is probably the quickest way. But I’m also open to any other ways of exchange. I would appreciate it if you could send me the files. I would be very grateful because your solution could be crucial for the success of the whole project.

Thanks in advance for your help on this matter, Ingo

@Ingo, @Matthew:

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OK Modris, I’ve got it!

do you have a link to the download section, I can’t find where to upload the files.

many thanks


do worry, I’ve found where to upload it now.

here is the link.