Export CSV

hello, I export navision data to a CSV file. this works fine, the only problem i have got is formatting data. For example, if i want to export the value 00001 i got in my CSV file 1. So I thougt, lets make all the sheet set as text. But no effect. anybody got a solution ? Thx

Is the Problem really in the csv-file or when you open the file in Excel?

When i open the CSV file in notepad, the zeroes are gone. But when i set a message in Navision when the line is written, i writes the correct way. So i suppose that the problem is between Navision and writing the CSV

Hmmm This problem I never had (I often have to export data by a dataport). Do you export fields of variables? Do you use the format-command?

Using FORMAT(var) should export as text to your csv.

Nope doesn’t work. That’s the way I have done it.

Maybe you opened the file in excel and saved? I even tried, to change code type to numeric, maybe then but nope - Navision works fine all the time.

what about answers we gave on mibuso http://www.mibuso.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3013


Can i get the code to export table data in csv file.

Please sujest.

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