Dear All,

Can anybody make me understand in layman’s language or the simple terms what is basically “EXPLOSION”? what’s its use and what is its importance in AX?

Thanks in Advance.


When you produce a product, you use some materials, each one in the required quantity so you can have the finisehd product properly completed. As an example, to produce 1 cake (finished product) you will need Flour 500grs, Eggs 3units, Butter 200grs, Water 300ml, Suggar 250grs. This is know as the Bill of Materials for the cake.

When you create for example a production order of 10 cakes, AX uses the EXPLOSION process to know how much of each component you will need, considering the base BOM (Bill of materials). So the EXPLOSION for 10 cakes determines that you will need: Flour 5000grs, Eggs 30units, Butter 2000grs, Water 3000ml, Suggar 2500grs.

Thank you for the reply…