Explosion of Production orders

Hi ,

We have several sites that are using Master planning. However only on a particular site, we have explosion issues. Site specific settings is not used. We rerun explosion from the production order only one bom line appears but we should have more if we check coverage settings. Only item coverage is used.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

there is not really enough information here - I cannot even tell what the problem is.

Are you running the explosion from the production order or sales line or net requirements or looking at a new regen? What is the BOM at the associated site, are quantities filled, is the stop explosion flag ticked, what are the coverage group settings etc.

Ok. I’m running the explosion from the production order of the end item . There is no explosion from the Production order when I clik on inquiries to see subproductions for bom’s . However, i found that there is no active Bom version for the end item before March 1st.

Item coverage Settings are:

coverage code = requirement; Bom version requirement = yes; Route version requirement = yes; negative days = 100; positive days = 500; explosion time fence =500;

So you have no active BOM against the parent item - so it cannot explode.

This is what I thought also but why do I have the orders populating with a BOM? Even creating Net Requirements in Dynamic plan

Because they were valid at the time of entry.

Adam, please can you explain , i didnt get it. What t=do you mean by that? The system should check that the version is correct at the entry time, right?

Yes that is correct, so if you have a BOM for items in the past it means that at the time of entry the BOM was valid even though it is not. Another alternative is the BOM was manually chosen on the sales order or works order (it only has to be approved not active, but for it to automatically use it then it has to be active).

I got it! Very clear now[:)] Thank you very much to help me out with this one also.

I got it! Very clear now[:)] Thank you very much to help me out with this one also.

Hi ,

I am still having the same issue on another production order which shows no explosion . Now I’m really lost.

When i go on the W.O , select view tab , select explosion, I see all the items but not explode at all. They appear with all on

hand but nothing shows that I have subbom . They appear all in the same level. So what am I missing here? any help will be

appreciated. thanks

Can you post a screen shot of the explosion?

I got it now: From the explosion screen, I reread and do Update with “Recalculate bom levels” and now I see my boms. Question: Do I have to do that all times? if yes ,why? the system should handle that automatically , right?

If you run master planning then the explosion would be present upon opening so there is no need to run it every time assuming you run it successfully and all of the related data is correctly configured

Oh. I see what you mean. So maybe MRP didnt run successfully the first time? How can I know if MRP is working fine. I am trying to understand the log but sometimes I dont get it . So can you what may cause that?

Many elements can cause it, but ultimately you have to read the log to find it. In the MP Setup for the plan there is a session option so you can always go back and look at the statistics and log for every run, but basically you need to analyse it and look. It may also be it was filtered out or the order was entered after the last run.

I’m still having same issues sometimes explosion is not there even when rerun Master planning from the work order. So what could be the cause? I ckecked all the settings and i dont know .

If there is nothing there then you either

a) have no BOM

b) Have no explosion set

c) Have the coverage item settings configured for manual

d) The log tells you what is wrong

e) You are running planning with filters

f) something else [:D]