Exploding Routes!

When I set an item in a BOM to a phantom, and that phantom item has a route, I get the operations for the phantom items route added to my route card. They are added before the operations for the route for the item which contains the BOM.

If I have more than one phantom item in my BOM then in the route card the operations for one phantom item’s route preceed the operation’s for the BOM item’s route followed by the operations for the next phantom item’s route followed by a repeat of the BOM item’s route operations etc…

Can anyone tell me how I can stop this happening or how I can control what does appear?

Many Thanks!

Sorry I have not set this up or tried it but why do you have a phantom item setup with a routing - is this a normal item set as a phantom line type? Are you using the Operation link on the BOM line? Any sub-route on the BOM? What version are you running? Any modifications/add-on’s?