Explain About Record Type for Customer

Hi All,

I am new in Dynamics ax 2012, i have a doubt in customer form in AX 2012.

What is the use of “Record type” field in customer form in ax 2012.

What is the difference between “Person” and “Organization”.

Can you please explain differences.



Hey Sri,

A ‘Person’ is an individual while an ‘Organisation’ is a group of people which for instance represent a company.

The difference in AX is that dependent on this ‘Record type’ other fields become visible.

For example: When creating a ‘Person’, you can specify First and Last Name. In an ‘Organisation’ you’ll have Name.
(There’re more fields for both Record types).

Under the hood AX creates a entry in the Global Address Book called a Party.
Dependent of the Record Type you specify, the system uses another table (which inherits from the base Party table).
If you need more technical information, please ask.