Expiration Calculation field


What is use of this field Expiration Calculation in Item tracking tab of item card.# Even through F1 I could not Understand how to use this field in practical scenario.# F1 Help :-This field contains the formula for calculating the expiration date on the item tracking line.The expiration calculation formula can contain a maximum of 20 characters consisting of numbers and letters that the program recognizes as abbreviations for time specifications.

Please let me know how to use this field.


To use this field you must mention Item Tracking code , the first field of the tab. And then you can mention in this field the expiration calcuation for example 1 month , 2 months or 1 year etc. In the Item Tracking Entries, the expiration date field will be filled according. This is used because to set the expiration period of an item. It is possible that an item is expirable.

Thanks Imran,I am working on cronus databse of SP3 version.I have an item 80103 – T. I assigned Item Tacking code = SN salesSerial No’s = SN1Expiration Caluclation = 1M I created a Purchase order with this Item Qty = 10 , Posting date = 14/04/08When I select assign serial No in Item Tracking lines form serial numbers are creating.But the fields are Expiration date and warranty Date are not filled.So what is the problem?Thanks and regards.

Have you ticked Man. Warranty Date Entry Req?

If I set mine to not ticked and use your item and code SNALL with a warranty date of 1M then the warranty date is calculated on the ledger entry. You have to manually enter the expiration date.

Thanks Steven,

In the Item Tracking Code card we have Tab Misc.

That fields Warranty Date formula = 1M = one month

Warranty Date Entry Required = yes( has check mark)

Expiry Date Entry Required = Yes

Expiration Caluclation = 3m I have done this setups for the item 80103-T in Cronus databse sp3 version.

That item is 80103-t . Item Tracking code = SNALL

Serial No = SN1.

I created a sales order for this item 10.

When I go to the sales line – item tracking line that I select assign serial no , then it created serial numbers.

But that warranty date field, expiration date field are still blank.

These fields are not getting any values.


Then what is the use of date formula and Expiration Caluclation fields.

Please throw some explanation on this .

Thanks and regards.

the system will use the date formula when you assign serial numbers.

for ex, when posting output of production, the system creates the expiry date of the lot number based on this formula.

i did not try assigning lot number on purchase, beacuse usually it is entered manually at that level.

you can try it, it may work :slight_smile:

Man. Warranty Date Entry Required = yes( has check mark)

Man. Expiry Date Entry Required = Yes

By setting these to “Yes” you are telling the system you want to manually control these records - so if you do not type them in they will be blank.

Thanks Adam,

when i go thruogh the warranty date Formula Field F1 help it says "In the Warranty Date Formula field you can enter a formula that calculates the warranty date on the item tracking line "

Expiration calculation Field. "This field contains the formula for calculating the expiration date on the item tracking line."Here it says calculates warranty date . and expiration date. But it is not caluclating date.

why ? then what is the use of this fields.

If i have to enter manually then why we have these fields.

Please Adam …

You can have the system calculate them or not - you are telling the system you will manually define these. You will manually define them because on inbound transactions you do not know the expiry or warranty dates of the goods being delivered as the supplier may create these at the time of production, not at the time you receive them, so you need the ability to tell the system what they are. However on finished goods you are making you would have the system calculate the fields as they are generated from when you manufacture the goods.