Experience in customising Navision Web-shop

Hi I am very interested in hearing about experiences in customising Navision Web-shop, especially to other modules than the standard ones. How difficult is this and so on. Thanks

Me too…

We build an interface to our Navision Service Module (IAP) using the webshop. It allows customers to enter and view status of service calls. Service Engineers can request info regarding service objects and fill their job journals. All using the internet or a WAP phone. Furthermore we: -Rewrote the entire ASP code for the webshop, utilising far more cool Siteserver technology like membership & personalisation, search, etc. and speeding up processing by eliminating dead code and useless processing. -Rewrote all pipeline components in C++, speeding up processing and extending webshop capabilities (i.e. true XML messaging). -Rewrote the Mirror Job service so it now works on MSMQ events rather than polling the MSMQ continuesly (or at least we think that is what causes the original service using an INCREDIBLE amount of disk access and system resources). We are planning to make available the pipeline components and the Mirror Job Receiver for a reasonable price. We are considering making available source code, but this will be on an individual basis. Contact me if you are interested: dc.oerlemans@icm-solutions.nl ICM Solutions B.V. ir. D.C. Oerlemans dc.oerlemans@icm-solutions.nl

Hi Oerlemans, You did a greate Job. Is it difficult? How much time did you spend to do this? Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi Valentin, We had different people working on different parts, they are all very experienced in either ASP, C++ or Navision development. We started developing using the webshop about 3 months ago. But we have Microsoft IIS & Siteserver experience for a couple of years. That helped. I think i will upload demo versions of the servicess and pipeline components to the mynavision site if i’m confident that they are stable. Everything is still in Beta version right now. ICM Solutions B.V. ir. D.C. Oerlemans dc.oerlemans@icm-solutions.nl