Expected Cost Posting

In Inventory Setup (Warehouse - Setup - Inventory Setup), i usually uncheck the expected posting setup
now i want to check the expected cost posting…
but while i want to post sales order there’s a message said that i must fill the Inventory Account (Interim)
is it Inventory Account = Inventory Account (Interim) ?
or can anyone could teach me steps to set expected cost posting. so i could post sales order and other activities correctly and fluently?

thanx for the answer

Don’t use that toggle (and even less “Automatic Cost Posting”). This last one is a performance killer for posting a sales or purchase document!

Well I wouldn’t say “Don’t use it” I would say only use it if you are sure you need it , and know why you need it. [;)]

In some markets, (the UK for example) accruals are a key component of Accounting, and prior to the introduction of Expected Inventory, I would have coded this requirement into about 50% of all UK Navision clients, and whilst I heard the requirement in many other countries, the K was the only one where many clients had it as a “must have”. Though many will just run a “Goods Received Not Invoiced” report, and manually accrue.

With automatic cost posting, I fought that dramatically when it was first planned for Navision, but the reply was always “but its a tick box, just turn it off”, but once its there, its very hard to convince users to turn it off. Anyway, then I started to concentrate in US clients, and there it was almost every client that simply considered Automatic Posting as a “Must Have”, I even spoke with one NC that wanted the tick box removed, and to make the system Always post to G/L.

Now what would really like is an option “Create Dimensions only on posting” option, that would make a huge performance difference.

The purpose to use expected cost posting in order to know that we have Item “temporary” while we wait for the invoice from vendor

and we want while receipt item that have been recorded as item temporary from our warehouse, although have not been note in COGS…

with my case, do i need use the expected cost posting?

Expected cost is used to get an “estimate” of cost of items before receiving the invoice.
If you want to control an “estimate” cost in another G/L account then you want to use “Expected cost”
If you want only to know that you have items that you didn’t receive an invoice, probably you should take another path.