executable navision outside

someone knows me to say if it is possible to launch an executable navision outside…? thank you

no problem, just get a laptop with battery power, should work outside in the usa fine

LOL! I would suspect the SHELL() command to be the answer for this situation…

sorry, I was tired and feeling funny, now I think understand the question, I just don’t speak Italian. either Nelson has the right answer, or your answer may be NAS. If you can re-phrase the question it would help. I am not able to grasp the direction of the control you want.


Originally posted by David Singleton
sorry, I was tired

I would be too if I was posting at your rate! [:D] Keep it up and you may cause a Denial Of Service!!! [:D][:D] [:p]

just catching up, after a two month “break”.

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Max, what do you actually need to do,