Exchange Rate Adjustment breakdown

Hi all,

I created an adjustment exchange rate in nav 2009 r2 and when the adjustment completed, the G/L entry created lots of entry with description of ie, Exchange Rate Adjmt. of USD 73,952.05.

I need a breakdown for that description, I already try to find that breakdown using navigate but It shows all of the entry for 1 exchange rate adjustment.

Is there any breakdown or a report that describe that description? or should i create some modified report?




Unfortunately the answer is NO.

It’s difficult and sometimes impossible to track which Vendor / Client / Bank account transaction was adjusted, because in case there were several transactions per day per V / C / BA those sums are combined and only ONE GL entry is created.

I would not advice to tamper with this BatchJob, the logic is very complicated. It’s designed so that differential corrections are created, taking into account already existing previous corrections.

Hi Modric,

Actually my user ask me if there is any way or report to trace the GL entry created by this batcch job. Since It is almost impossible to create a breakdown for these transaction, maybe I shouldn’t create any modified report regarding exchange rate adjustment breakdown.

Thank you for your explanation modric.



Report can be created, based on Detailed Cust. ( & Vend for VLE) Ledger Entry tables - filter by EntryType = Unrealised Gain (Loss). Field CustEntryNo references the original Customer (& Vendor for DVLE) entry being adjusted, so it can be linked and shown, too.

Bank Accs ledger does not have corresponding detailed table, but FOREX adjustment entries have zero Amt in foreign currency, only Amt (LCY) has some value.

Yes the report for exchange rate adjustment could be created based on detailed cust/vendor ledger entries, but I don’t think that report could describe the entry that created in g/l entry from exchange rate adjustment because as you post before “there were several transactions per day per V / C / BA those sums are combined and only ONE GL entry is created”.