exception from hresult 0x800ac472


I stuck up with this error while trying to export the excel from 2013 R2 Rapid start. I think this is dot net related issue.

Could any one please help me out in this., Thanks in advance,


Shyam Kumar N

Hi ,

That seems like an excel issue.

Could be not working excel or not installed or something related to excel .


Thanks for the reply,

It seems like excel issue, they are using 2013 Excel i think that it is related to OLE automation issue.

Could any one help me on this.


Shyam Kumar N

Has the Office installation on the problem workstation been activated yet? I remember having some automation issues on a VM that I had moved and consequently needed to re-activate Office on. After re-activating, the issues resolved.

Hi george ,

Thanks for your reply, As you said office has not been activated yet. i have asked the client to active first i think it will take two to three more days to get reply from him. i have another doubt when we export the page from NAV to excel it works fine without any issue. but when we use Rapid start to export excel template we come across this issue. is it still an activation issue? what is your suggestion?




My first thought is that the two issues are related. Once the client has resolved the activation issue with Excel, you’ll know the answer. If it were me doing this, I wouldn’t spend any time trying to resolve the Rapid Start issue on the client’s system until after the activation had been completed. If the issue were due to Rapid Start itself, it’s not likely that you would be the only one with the issue, and you’d see a lot more dialog here on that topic.

Hope that helps.

Yes Love, I can understood will let u know once it gets resolved and more thing when we noticed event viewer it shows an warning message like “Office System protection” processed its related to office license validation. Hope this should resolve the issue. Thanks again.[Y]