I am using AX 2012. Currently we are doing data migration. We want an easiest way for getting customer data.

Is there any way we can get Export to excel from table fields from AX. I need all the Fields with descriptive names (label/Help text property values), Mandator property of fields, description from help files in details about each fields in to excel. Does this Excel addin help me in getting this stuff easily so that i can present it to customer for collection of data or is there any other way to do this.

If this is there then the data migration from customer becomes more easier.

Anyway I am planning to use data migration framework for moving the data to AX database. I wanted to know if there is any option in this framework to get such type of excel templates from AX.

Hi Swapna,

This topic has been discussed on forum many times, you can search them.

Following link should help you: