Excel Report

Dear Navision Users,

Am doing a excel report. Got all the records in the report. Here am having a option in table that sales type. This is a option field. It has blank,form 8,Form 8B. At the same time am having a field in option tab in the report called form type. Here am having the option as All, Form 8, Form 8B. In the report if ai filter form 8 am getting only the form 8 records. and also same in the form 8b records. Here the problem is when i select form 8 option and select the excel export option in the excel sheet am getting form 8 record values as well as other recods with zero values. Is there any one help me in solving this problem.




Have you used Skip or CurrForm.ShowOutput in any report trigger ?

iy yes then remove that functions and use setrange or set filter functions instead of skip and currform.showoutpt


Jerome Marshal.J