Excel file upload


I am a user of Navision Dynamics. Just wondering when we do manaul journals for Example (Expense Journal) is there a way we can drfat the journal in an excel spreadheet and upload it in Navision rather then keying in the figure along with there details and G/L codes one by one in Navision itself.

This will eliminate the chances of mistakes because it is diffcult to go back and make corrections in Naviison.

Can anyone give me a step by step guide to this if there is any.



What mistakes you are trying to eliminate ? … A journal can be entered in Navision, and corrections can be made multiple times before you are confirm and then post it.

If you want to import journal entries to Navision journal from a Excel file, you will have to contact you Microsoft Partner to provide such functionality (customization)


Hi Fahad,

Normally this is done by means of a journal I normally recommend using a recurring journal to save on entry of codes each time and the value can be set as fixed if required