Excel buffer using excel template

I am new in MS Navision 2016. But I have to do report using ms excel template. I try to put my template in BLOB Table and write data in template using table excelbuffer function entercell.
This works, but all cells in which is recorded data, parameters is different from cells parameters in template?
And also i have from hyperlink table insert picture in my report. I don’t found way how using excelbuffer functions i shoud be able do this?

I look forward to your comments or suggestions tips.

are there formulas in the template or only cell formatting ?
what are the differences, which values do you write into the cells?
what in detail are the problems ?

In template is only cell formatting.
When I write values into cells all formatting : centre alligment, borders, font, wrap , fill color are disable for this cells. In empty cells all formating is active.
In report which I try to do is very important to keep all format in cells whith value, that is my problem.

excelbuffer does not support full cell formatting.
so you could read cell format before setting the cell value then write cell value incl. format using addon from

Why dont you use Dotnet variables for opening Excel template and save it as your preferred name at the end.

If there is to be no actual formulas in Excel file, then why even all the trouble? You said you were using NAV 2016.

Just create you report in NAV using your favorite report designer (Visual Studio or Word).
Then just use SAVEASEXCEL.

Problem solved. [:)]

exporting data with table excel buffer does not support usage of excel templates.
for that case i wrote a blog post moxie4nav.wordpress.com/…/