Excel Buffer Function

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I really want to know more about Excel buffer table in Nav r2. There are plenty of functions defined is there any proper Documentation of the functions (with examples) :-k. Actually I want to insert outer boarder to each cell I am inserting in Excel. I am using the buffer table, for this purpose I was searching the functions in the excel buffer. I think I found the function which will help me –BorderAround(). Can anyone guide me through the usage, initialization of the automation variable? Waiting for your valuable suggestions Pray

I am getting an error. Its like The Automation Variable is not properly Instiated.

I want the board on all the field which i am inserting so i think the exact place for insertion is in the Enter Cell Fn am i correct?

I am writing the code in the fn Below. Please give me the Range for initiating the Boarder around Fn. Is there any documentation available for Excel Buffer Table Fns. Fobs are appreciated[:^)]

TempExcelBufferRec.VALIDATE(“Row No.”,RowNo);
TempExcelBufferRec.VALIDATE(“Column No.”,ColumnNo);
TempExcelBufferRec.“Cell Value as Text” := CellValue;
TempExcelBufferRec.Formula := ‘’;
TempExcelBufferRec.Bold := Bold;
TempExcelBufferRec.Italic := Italic;
TempExcelBufferRec.Underline := UnderLine;

//xlSheet[SheetNumber].Range(CellRange).Borders.LineStyle := 1;


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try this


A pretty good example can be found in report 29.

The BorderAround function can be called as last function only AFTER the excel has been created.


So you have just been missing the Excel creation.

The basic concept behind this is that you fill the Excel Buffer table with all the values and after that create the Excel spreadsheet in one shot.

Hi Thomas,

I have tried the Code described by you. I am getting an error after exporting it to Excel like An exception was raised in method Range. The OLE control or Automation Server has returned error (HRESULT) -2147352567. The component did not provide the exception description. Let me know wht have to be done. Thanks for your Quick Response.

I think the problem is the ‘:’ as a range, but that I just have copied from your code.

Better try TempExcelBufferRec.BorderAround(‘A1:C3’);

or something similar.

The “:” alone is not a valid range descriptor.