Excel automation and Matriks/blob

Marcus Fabian had suggested in his other posts that the best way to do some of these Excel automation tasks is to create a template and then use that template. I agree that this is the best method, but I would really like to somehow embed it in the database either as a blob or in the Matriks document management. What I would need to do is to access the blob or Matriks entry, then have Excel open it up, and I can easily take it from there. But, I do not have any clue as to how to get it from the Matriks/blob state to Excel. Anyone have any code samples that they would be willing to share?

A quick-and-dirty (and untested) approach: IMPORT: myTable.MyBlob.Import (‘C:\data\myfile.xls’); and EXPORT: myTable.MyBlob.Export (‘C:\data\myfile.xls’); hyperlink (‘C:\data\myfile.xls’); With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian