Excel add-in consumes a NAV session?

I was under the impression that Excel add-in should not consume a NAV license. But when number of users permitted in license are logged into NAV and they try to use the Send to excel function (with Excel Add-in installed) they get the below error message. Does anyone have any info about this?

1731.Excel add-in.png

Hi Goffer,

What did you expect :wink: ?


If you are logged in as a full user in NAV and use standard functionality to Send.to Excel, I do not expect it will consume an additional session from the license (as you would then be two users in NAV), would you?

Anyone encountered this? Similar problem is when running classic reports through the 2009 RTC client.That is more understandable (but maybe not fair) since it actually launches another NAV client. But in this case it is just users logged into NAV running a standard funcrtion to Send info to Excel,

Yes this is normal when your are using excel add on (ex : jet reports). At the time of data searching through excel add on it consume one of NAV licence from your licence pool.

I logged a support incident with MS and they shortly replied it was a well known issue resolved in KB2815438. Thought it could be useful to add to this thread if anyone else would search for it.

Hotfix summary for build 34298

NAV 2013


Metadata Version: 70004


KB Article




Send to Microsoft Excel function unexpectedly requires a session in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

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