Excel Add-in - Automation Error

Hi guys,

When exporting to Excel from within Nav 2017, we get the following error: ‘The operation cannot complete because it uses a feature that is not supported (Automation Server)’

Automation Error.PNG

Does anyone have any suggestions?

We’re using Office 365 ProPlus version 2016 & Excel version 1803 (Build 9126.2275)


What about the build numbers for NAV, much more interesting?

Automation servers was a technology used until NAV 2009 (Classic). So surprised to hear about this in NAV 2017.

Did you test if it works for other users, and when did it stop working?

Hi Erik,

Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2017 version 10.0.13682.0 (hope that helps!)

We’ve tried it for multiple users still unable to run, with the same error coming up. This is actually the first time we’ve tried using it. What does Nav use now if it doesn’t use automation servers?