Example of Page n of n needed

I have a need to show the Page n of n and have looked at the topics suggested. The one that seems to be suggested is not clear (to me). CLEAR(Testreport); TestReport.SAVEASHTML(‘c:\test.html’); //Call a function in the report that returns //“CURRREPORT.PAGENO” after the SAVEASHTML has finished PageCount := TestReport.ReturnTotalPages; CLEAR(TestReport); //Call a funtion in the report and use the PageCount //as Parameter TestReport.DefTotalPages(PageCount); TestReport(RUN); //END of sample “TestReport” is a Variable of type Report “PageCount” is a variable of type Integer Does someone have a sample they could send me in .txt mode please? I am sure all you hot code demons will see how this example hangs together, but I have had a go at it and failed. [:I] Many thanks, Colin

Can you try to explain where you think your code fails?

Maybe you can tell us what triggers you’re putting the code on

What result do you get back from the TotalPageCount and what would you expect it to be ?

Try this. http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/file_library.asp?showmethefile=41&thatcat=14&thiscat=Member%2Dto%2DMember+Samples+and+Software PS Colin, I emailed you as well.

the above link is dead.

Anyone have an updated answer please?





Supplied by David Singleton.

Many thanks David