Exact Return Purchase of items that we already transfer them

Hi Guys,

I am having a problem with a return purchase. I am using nav 5, The case is the next:

We have a differents warehouse,

  1. The location One do a purchase of 50 pieces of the item01
  2. The location one, recive the purchase and it needs to tranfer it to another locations
  3. The location one transfer 25 pieces to location two and 25 pieces to locaton three
  4. Location two and three recive the transfer.
  5. In that moment location two and three verify the item01 and they see that the item01 has a deffect. They need to return the purchase of the item01.

The problem is that I need to do an exact return, but nav dont let me when I try to select the purchase order in “Appl.-to Item Entry” in the return order line, because the item01 was already tranfer. I try transfer back the item01 to location one and after that do the return purchase but do not work neither.

How can I do an exact return to the vendor when I transfer the items of the purchase to another location

Create two returns for 25 each and apply them to the current open entries. The ones from the transfer receipts.

Hi Babrown,

Thanks for answer,

The problem is, when I do the return, the inventory take the average cost, but I need the exact cost. For example, If my item01 costo $10 I need that the inventory costing take 10, but the inventory take $7.5 because that is my average cost.

And in the return order if I try to select the original purchase (apply to item entry column) do not appear because I already transfer the product.

I already create the two returns but still is taking the 7.5 average cost, selecting in “apply to item entry column” the transfer.

This problem give me very bad costing issues

I hope you can help me!!