Exact consumption report against production order

Thanks experts, ,

I want to one thing,

I created a production order for for Item C ,Qty = 50 Kgs,

So i need two raw materials A, B

each one is 55 Kgs to produce Finished good.

A = 55 , B= 55

WHile running the production i used on ra w material A extra that means 55+ 5 ( total 60 Kgs) .

So after finished the production order i want to know how much rawmaterial consumed for this Item for this production norder ?

I created up to & production orders .

I had taken the reports Detailed caluclation, Production order - Detaild caluclation… from Manuacturing module.

But thee reports are not showing any proper values against prodcution order.

Just these reports are showing only based on the Production BOM.

So what is the Solution to know the exact consumtion for that production order .

Is there any report available to know that consumption.

And what is the Total rawmaterial cost for that production oreder.

What is the Unit cost of that Finished product against this Production order ?

So please help me.

Hi Lally,

Not sure what you want. If cost based then use F9 (statistics) on the finished production order. If the item usage then you will have to develop a report of the item ledger entry.

Hi Lally ,

Check report 99000791

Check report 99000765

also at each finshed production order , you have line button > Components > look there at expected qty . → if you can show production order field > then make show all > then copy and paste to excel sheet > the group on production order in excel sheet

also the same for Released production orders

But the best way is to study exactly from where you want to extract your data ( from components for each production order or from item ledger entry ) so that you can ask to develop a special report for this purpose .

good luck


I gone through all production reports like

1**. Production Order Statistics**

2. Detailed Calculation

3. Prod. Order - Calculation

4.Prod. Order - Detailed Calc.

but these reports does not show the actaul consumption and actual out put.

why MicroSoft did not provide a common report ?

why i have to develop even for a common report ?

Please suggest me

You have to design teh report because it does not exist. Is it really a “common” report, it maybe to you, but I have not had to have a report setting actual to consumed at this level, similar customer specific reports yes, but they are all different, and this is why you have to design it yourself.

You can always post the report as an enhancement request to Microsoft and make your cause known.

Thanks Mr. Steven,

So you never need this report in your implementation?

Really is it not common report ?

Then in manufactuing process after every production order completed how can i know what is the Exact out Put and

Exact consumption?

Please clarify this .

How can u tell that it is not common rewuirement ?

thanks and regards

Not in a NAV implementation [:D]

No it is not a common report in my implementations of NAV, but this could be industry driven, locale or a number of factors. The differences are posted through to finance, if finance want to see why the cost is high, or the variance is high they can get back to the order itself and view teh consumption against the order.

When the customer produces the report what are they actually using for? Who is using it and why?

I know in a yield based manufacturing environment you would want to see this detail at a lower level to see what has gone into the yield, but this will be the exception where teh yield is good or bad, otherwise it does not really matter what it took to make it, it did, it is where you have continual incorrect BOM’s where there is an issue, but you will do well to pick it up on a report like this.

Ok , i dont know how your client is running business with out know ing the actual consumption and out put?[:(]

Well of course they know!! The difference is they do not feel the need to run a report, print it out, and stick it in a file no one reads to justify it!

You also never answered my question, which means either you missed it, don’t know, or are making assumptions about the customers needs.

Sorry if this seems an interjection but I am helping with a NAV 2009 implementation and they are also concerned about the actual consumption so a report is needed here as well.

You need to write the report Colin, there is no standard one.