Everytime starts new session of RTC when run object from dev

Hi experts,
When i run any object from developing environment(nav 2013r2) it starts new session of RTC.Normally objects are run in already open session.i want to run objects in already open session.

any help would greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Please try this


Hi Suraj,

It is standard behavior of Navision …

Sorry, but your information is wrong. It is possible to do this and Mohana has posted the right solution for this issue.

I am having this problem with 2016 (90) now too. I have 60, 70, 71, and 80 installed as well. Any thoughts. The registry fix worked for 70/71 but not 90.

Hi Todd,

It did work for me (and seeing their reactions, for many others). Give it a try: NAV 2016: Multiple Clients Launched When Running Objects Subsequently from Object Designer

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