Event Handler in Managed code and XppPrePostArgs X++ Class

Hi All,

I am trying to add XppPrePostArgs class in visual studio for an event handling implementation.

However that class is not available in AOT under classes . I have followed few MSDN articles to add “AOT items” to visual studio.

I can see “Add to Project” option for other class ( even customized classes) also under application explorer in Visual Studio.

But not able to see "XppPrePostArgs " class.

Kindly suggest.

(AX 2013 R3 and visual studio 2013)



are you working on AX7?

Check this


Thanks for reply.

This url is same as MSDN, only it is for AX 7 Version.
steps is almost same as on AX 2012 R3 however issue is not able to see “XppPrePostArgs” in Application explorer.

You shouldn’t try to locate XppPrePostArgs. Find your class, right-click the method and choose Add post-event handler. Maybe you at a wrong page in documentation; the right one is Walkthrough: Creating an Event Handler in Visual Studio [AX 2012].

Also note that certain kernel classes are in AOT under System documentation (they aren’t written in X++, and therefore you won’t see their definition under AOT > Classes).