European Convergence is back on

Hi Folks,

After breaking the bad news earlier this year that Convergence was cancelled, I glad to say it’s been re-launched in a different format. It looks like a series of one day events spread over Europe.

Save the dates for Convergence 2009:
27 October – Novatel London West, London
29 October – Austria Center, Vienna
3 November – Frankfurt Sheraton, Frankfurt
5 November – Engels Conference Center, Rotterdam

Registration for the Convergence 2009 Europe events will open from 1 September 2009.

For full details see:

The fees are substantially lower but partner pay more than customers [:P]

That’s nice, but problem arises, too - who will go where (I understand that program will be the same, only exhibitors will/may vary).

To me, it’s no matter where to go, but it could be an opportunity for us to meet each other IRL, too… Sept. 1st is not so soon, but maybe we can share plans which city who has chosen?

It’s good news - I hope it will be a success, but one thing is that I believe that it’s too late to announce this now, unless they really put on a monster marketing campaign. I guess that the customers in London, Austria, Germany and Benelux countries will go to “their own show”, but I really don’t expect that many people from the other countries will.

Like Modris, then the only reason that go was to meet up the community.

Actually I thought this was what they announced months ago, that Convergene was going to be replaced by smaller road shows. But I see that they are one day only?

The MiBuSo event at one day was good, but something like Convergence needs to be 2 days. I will probably go down to Vienna though.

As for me, I start looking towards Rotterdam as an possible option…

First, haven’t been there yet [:D], then, in Vienna & Frankfurt there will be many German speakers, and this is a language I pitifullly don’t speak at all (hope in Rotterdam it wouldn’t be in Flemish - Ik spreek geen Vlaams, too [:(] ) London is the most distant place for all of us from Europe…

But, anyway, we have time still left enough - what others think? I only don’t want to repeat my mistake as with MiBuSo, when I tried to book plane tickets only 3 days ahead - there was nothing left, even Business class sold out…

@ David, I think the structure was announced a while ago but details of the dates and venues are only out… @ Modris, When the list was published the UK looked the most apealing to me but also Rotterdam (as I have relations there). I missed the Mibuso conference as I had a family wedding to attend so I would be keen to meet up at one of the Convergence venues.

I was hoping that we could maybe decide on a place where they cheap connections from most parts of Europe. Personally I would prefer Rotterdam - but the place with the best and cheapest connections is London. The problem with London is that hotels are quite expensive.

I was hoping that we maybe could meet either the night before or the night after the conference, in reality I don’t care about the conference at all. The only thing that interests is to meet up with all of you.

Hi Erik,

This sounds like a job for one of your interesting polls [;)]

Erik - it seems that half of the way from AMS Schiphol airport to Rotterdam one can drive on Schiphol’s elevators [;)], as airport is oriented in direction we need. Rotterdam has its own airport, but you don’t need to fly there - and there are much less flights.
Well, if we supposed to go by ship / ferry, then the case is a little [:D] bit different…

If train ticket to Rotterdam centre costs EUR 11, that MUST be nearby… An AMS has connections to everywhere in Europe, as London, but getting from London’s airports to centre isn’t that easy and quick.

Yes that’s what I thought. Nothing in the Netherlands is far away.

Dear everybody,
I have now created a poll to find out which city is the preferred for our informal DUG meeting.