Euro Conversion Tool

Is there anyone who has experience with running the euro-conversion tool and the outcome of that ? Are there specific issues to take into account ?. What is the effect on customer/vendors i.e. customer/vendor ledger entries that already have the euro as their currency code ? Our company has multiple sites in Europe and we use the 2.6 worldwide version with some adjustments but no major ones. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions, René van Geemen

We have done it for a month now and no particular issues were needed. The main things to do is to locate in table all the specific decimal fields and, in most case, if you find one and no field in the table specify the currency, it means that you have to convert the field. the best thing is to use the ECT on a backup database and take time to analyze. For us, it takes around 6 hours to convert 5 societies (3 in French Francs and 2 in Pesetas) for 2.5 Millions records in account Ledger and the used space database was 15% increase at the end. Regards,