Estimated time to send an email from NAV

Hi all,

I modified some form like quote to send an email notification once the salesperson is make an order from quotation. The email notification works fine but there is a problem about sending time. It took around 30 seconds to send an email using nav.

what is the default estimated time to send an email using nav? is there any way to quicken the sending time?



Usually is not that long (2-3 seconds max.): do you use SMTP codeunit to send e-mail?

How much customization you have done also depends.

Hi Daniele Rebusi,

Yes I use SMTP codeunit to send an email. Well in that case, mine is taking way longer than the usual time. I tried the default email notification from nav (using approval notification) and still got the same time.

does exchange mail server make it longer than usual?




Yes I created like 2 to 3 mail notification for one quotation, but since Rebusi said that Its usually take only 2-3 seconds then looks like my problem is in my exchange server.

anyway, is to much to create 3 mail notification in one action?