Estimated Cost of BOM in Production Order

Hi All,

We found that Estimated Cost of the items (that we recieve through Purchase order) in production order is 0. The Purchase orders have been packing Slipped posted but not invoiced. These items are BOM’s in the production order for the finished part. Also we have not setup any cost price for the item in Price/Discount tab of the item master.

Is there a way we can get the estimated cost in the production order when the purchase orders items have been recieved through packing Slipped. ??

It uses the base cost on the item in the estimation and updates to actual at end and through the inventory close.

Thankyou for the reply. The problem is we did not setup a base cost price in the item master under Price/Discount tab… We are only looking to see if we get the estimated price based on the purchase order item price. The estimated price is calculated correctly in case the purchase order is invoiced but not when the purchase order is packing Slipped.

We want to see if we can get the estimated cost price on the production order based on the purchase order price thought the PO was not invoiced.



Then you need to customize the system to achieve this and heavily (probably) given the 1: many relationships that can exist across multiple pegged levels and reservations/markings between BOM component and purchase order receipt. Given the transitionary nature of the estimation and its use in RAF depending upon your costing fluctuations and process to ending production I would argue this is not worth it and you simply enter the base cost price (which will move anyway at invoice if you have set the update flags)