Essence of Physical Inventory form

Hello Everyone

I’ll just want to ask if I can change to “NEGATIVE” under entry type of Physical Inventory Journal because there’s an error prompt that "Phys. Inventory must be No in Item Journal Line Journal Template Name=‘PHYS. INVE’, Journal Batch Name=‘Default’, Line No.=‘20000’.

How can I solve this issue?

Or Is there anyone can explain regarding Physical Inventory Journal because as I post sample transactions I doubt for the G/L entries made.

Please advise.

Phy. Inv. Journal is used to correct the stock in system when compared to actual. If the stock entered in “Qty. Phys. Inventory” is more than “Qty. Calculated” then it creates a entry with positive adjustment else with negative adjustment.

User should not change the entry type manually. If the error is coming try to debug the source as standard NAV does not behave like this.