errormessage "table purchase header cannot be foun

errormessage “table purchase header cannot be found” is given on unexpected moment when a purchase order is posted. Nows someone the reason of this message and the solution.

Reason : you are posting a line with a documentnumber refering to a header which does not exist. Mostly it is a blank document number which caused this error. Any modifactions in making the lines by yourself ?? Solution: Find the line in your posting delete it and make a new line

Thanks for the Answer. This is not the reason, header and lines are in the table. I controlled that.

You are sure that you haven’t accidently set a filter that excludes the header?

Hi Jos, This is potentially a serious problem, I suggest you immediately create a backup of the DB and restore, then run a test on the restored DB. A client had a similar message and it was discovered as being hardware related on the server( a memory module had failed). Hope this helps. -Mike

jos, is that the actual message, or did you translate it. there is a big difference between “Purchase Header does not exist” and “table purchase header cannot be found” the first is something tp do with code or data, and can be fixed. the second is critical and must be resolved. it might happen if (god forbid) someone renamed your company whilst you were working etc. but as mike says, if the second, you better fix it.