When I start Navision the following message appears: The folowing is to C/SIDE programmers: It was not possible to make a “instans” of the OLE-control or Automation-server identified at GUID={588E81A6-87F1-11D5-AB47-00062915477D} Check that the OLE-control or the Automation-server is correct installed and registred. This was a translation from Danish, so its not correctly translated, here it is on danish: Følgende er til C/SIDE-programmører: Det var ikke muligt at oprette en instans af OLE-control’en eller Automation-serveren identificeret ved GUID={588E81A6-87F1-11D5-AB47-00062915477D}. Undersøg, om OLE-control’en eller Automation-serveren er korrekt installeret og registreret. What can I do?

It sounds like somewhere in your start-up code, you’re using OLE Automation, and your .ocx or automation controller isn’t registered. Is this only happening on one machine? If you can find a machine that it is working on, you can determine what the Automation Server is and install it on the machine that is having the problem. Daniel Day Developer Elliott Davis Technology Solutions

Well, It works with some users in Navision, so its really weird. Anyone?

It works with other users on the same machine or it works with other users on other machines ?

It works with other users on the same machine. Its a Windows2k Terminal Server, which all the users uses, and its only some who get the error

IF You are working with Navision Attain, delete contens in tableno 385 ( Company Notes Setup)

Problem solved by installing Finshell 3

I have similiar problem with our installation so I am interested in the solution. I would appreciate if you explained what Finshell 3 is and how I would do to install that. Best regards Daniel

Hi Daniel. Finshell are used so Outlook2000 and Navision can work together and exchange data. I really don’t know so much about it, it was someone who my Firm supports. But try to install Finshell 3