Error while transforming a form to a page

Hi everyone,

I am trying to transform a form into a page using the TIF tool under nav 2009 R2…
I followed the steps in the link below:

The problem is that the Pages.xml file is not generated and I find the following message in the log file:

**Error: Form 60210: Clean Properties.....**
**Error: Form 60210: './/a:Properties[./a:SourceExpr='"Date Minimum d'Obtention"']' has an invalid token.**
**Error: Schema: \ApplicationObjects.xsd**
**Error: Form -2: The validation for file:///C:/Documents and Settings/afk/Bureau/Formation/Dynamics.NAV60R2.FR.1097337.DVD/TransformationTool/ApplicationObjects.xsd.tmp.xml failed. Detailed Information: LineNumber=5, LinePosition=8**
**Error: Form -2: The element 'Properties' in namespace 'urn:schemas-microsoft-com:dynamics:NAV:ApplicationObjects' has invalid child element 'Width' in namespace 'urn:schemas-microsoft-com:dynamics:NAV:ApplicationObjects'. List of possible elements expected: 'TimerUpdate, Permissions, LinksAllowed, Editable, DataCaptionExpr, PageType, DataCaptionFields, PopulateAllFields, CardFormID, RefreshOnActivate, CaptionML, Description, InstructionalTextML, SaveValues' in namespace 'urn:schemas-microsoft-com:dynamics:NAV:ApplicationObjects'.**
**Error: Some input file can’t be validated by schema. Please, correct it and rerun tool again**

How can I correct it???

I have not faced such an issue while transforming a form. I think this troubleshooting needs a step-by-step investigation. I think you can try starting with a new form and slowly copy/pasting the contents of the form giving error into the new one and find out when it starts giving the error.

That’s the best that comes to my mind now… :frowning:


Just wondering, does the error have any relation with the quote (Date Minimum d**’**Obtention) in the SourceExpr???

In fact, I had many similar error while transforming my forms to pages…and each time there was a quote in the SourceExpr…


Did you find the solution?


Infact, it was the quotes…

I deleted the quotes in the fields and then the transformation worked just fine…