Error while running inventory closing - Account number for transaction type Never ledger does not exist.


We are facing a strange issue while running the inventory closing. It is resulting in error “Account number for transaction type Never ledger does not exist.” when we see the exception log.

Items are based on Weighted avg costing and projects, production modules are in use in conjunction but never used project hours consumption so not sure why it requires this account.

Also we have ensured the account was already specified in Accounts for automatic transactions in GL.

Just wanted to know if you guys ever faced this kind of problem or provide what could be reasons of the above error?


Hi, i’m facing de same problem did you find the solution?

Hi Hugo,
We had a similar situation a couple of times, we found that a record in the InventSettlement table didn’t have the proper ledger dimension. We couldn’t find the cause, we need to manually place the dimension in the field and after that the inventory closing was ok.