Error While posting the Counting Journal

Hi All

i want to post the counting journal as per the Physical inventory of 31 Jan 2012, when i am posting it is shows the error of unsufficient inventory against some of the items… But they have the Inventory on hand.

Can you suggest me how can i post the journal.

Look at the adjustment of one now. Say you had 10 and counted 8, this would want to remove 2 from inventory, however if there is not 2 in inventory you cannot post it - it also menas your count was wrong. Awful process to be posting inventory 7 weeks after the count given teh controls and movements required in the interim.

You will need to analyse these line by line and decide how accurate teh count was etc. You cannot force this through as it would make no sense from a business perspective.

Thanks Adam for reply

Can you explain me like how it works, mean it work on dates or etc. As i have one item whose on hand is 100 and count is zero, so uner onhand column it is 100, count it blank mean zero and under quantity it is -100, and when i am posting it is showing error 48 can not be picked.

Can you please me what is the concept how the system is working on the counting journal.

Thanks for your usual support.

The system knows what is on hand, you count - any variance is a difference, if the difference means stock has to be removed then you have to have it in inventory to remove because AX knows it is on hand. If it takes you 2 months to complete a stock check and you allow movements then you are still out on stock, but if you no longer have the stock to remove to make the adjustment clearly other adjustments impacting on teh available stock has happened. Bottom line is you really cannot take 2 months to close a stock check, no matter the business or software.

yes i know this is the wrong practices and out of business that is why i told them to take the fresh new stock take and will stop the transactions untill we post the counting journal.

And the work of the counting journal is to +/- the stock and make it as per your physical stock. The thing which ia ma not getting is eg on hand 100, count 78 quantity will be -22 when i am posting this line it is showing 20 can naot be picked. how the system is taking this what is the over all concept in the system. Business Logic i know but how the system is taking and making the adjustment.


The -22 is at the POINT the count was run based upon the on hand. When you post the -22 it looks NOW - what you had then is frankly irrelevant. If you had 100 and counted 78 you have -22, you can ONLY have shipped 78 so you MUST have 22 in stock, if you do not the count was wrong. Adjustment is based on stock TODAY. [:D]