Error while posting a statement?


i have been trying to post a statement

and i get the following message;

expiration date must have a value in tracking specifications entry no=1 it cannot be zero or empty.

i tracked the phys inv journals entries to no1 , the expiration and lot is valid.

i tried to make a negative adj then positive on a new lot and expiry and change the item tracking code

nothing worked

any help?

Hi Malakaburas,

Not a lot of developers will be able to help you with this question. You need to find an inventory/item tracking specialist or an end user who uses this functionality every day, which you have a much chance of doing in our end-user forum. So I have moved your question there.


Hello its Steve. Not sure your time zone but if we can connect via Teams I can look at try to help you. Please email me and I will connect with you.