Error while Posting a SALES ORDER...!!!


I am a Navision Technical Consultant. I am trying to use Employee Portal with Navision 9.0 R2. I have Successfully installed the Employee Portal and it is well integrated with Navision. I can Import web parts and the data from the Navision. I have imported SALES ORDER CARD, when i am trying to POST the SALES ORDER its showing me an error. Please HELP. The Error Says:-

Navision error (10500): The operating system cannot find the file C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.TRIDENTDELHI\Local Settings\Temp__TEMP__62A17E49C0C840E4AC50DBF0169D66B3.tmp . Verify that the drive, directory, and file names are correct.

Let me know if anyone got a CLUE about how to resolve this error.

Thanks and Regards,
Ashish Sharma
Technical Consultant(NAVISION 9.0 R2)

Hi ,

looks like sth to do with your %TEMP% variable and/or your privileges.