error while importing(records already exit)

I tried to upload vendor master in the AX 2009 , then >> went to defintion group and selected the particulat file and atlast got a message in info log (error) all the records already exist and when i went to check the records in the vendor master it is not there and non of the imported data exist in the file…

This indicated the unique index violation. Either the vendor account or the party are not updated properly

you mean not updated in excel right?

Yes the party id should be unique

please forgive me if i am being dumb… but right now i am not importing the party ID i have included the vendname which is mandatory field and few fields which are mandatory!!!

in vend table i am filling only mandatory field which is




4)addressbooktype(which is organization, …)

5)vend class or group

there is no patry ID in the vend table right now importing these 5 field alone…

The Address book Id has to be specified (though it is not mandatory, there is an unique index on it).