Error While Importing Objects

hi guys,

I got an error while importin objects into database, it sounds silly, when i try to search for this table: Reporting Table, there isnt exists! so how can i overcome this issues?

7750.Reporting Table issues2.jpg

You can export all tables in txt format and search…

R u trying merge the object /Replace?

Hi, so you are saying that the ‘Reporting Table’ table does not exist in your list of table objects? If you think so, do what Mohana suggests and see where it exists and what the ID is. I believe this error occurs when you are trying to import an existing table object and you are trying to modify the Entry No. field description (i.e. code(10) to code(20) or some other change). However, there is information stored in the Entry No. field and NAV won’t let you complete the import process. Good luck with this, John

Let’s link these:

hi amol,

yes i am trying to replace the older objects…

Did you export the objects and search for “Reporting Table”? At about 8 this morning you got that suggestion, and you should have been able to eliminate that option in about 5 minutes. Is there a reason why you are not following this advice?

hi denster,

yes indeed i got a good suggestions, however we are doing customer support till now its lunch time i manage to pop in to here to have a glance of the replies, have try it out but because of licensing issues i need to individually exlude export certain objects… eg: resource objects, job objects… appreciate your concern to follows up… [:)]

If you can’t export all object as text, have your partner do this for you. Takes just 1 minute for them to do it. Seriously, there’s no need for this to be that much work for you.

Where did you get those objects anyway?

which license are you using?

You should be able to export all objects with partner License…

hi denster,

after excluding thosfiles that we do not have license to export, i got this error at the end of the exporting process. I try to turn on Debugger for Active & breakpoint, still i cant find the ‘culprit’…

6404.The Tye Error1.jpg

Are all the objects in compiled mode? Can you try by compiling all once?

hi mohana,

will go and try again…thanks for the tips…