error while Importing Data from Excel using excelbuffer table

Dear All,

I have created a report to import a report to import an excel file. while trying to import it shows an error

A call to Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.OpenXml.spreadsheet.WorkbookReader.Open failed with this message.C:\Users\UserName\filename.xlsx

When i run the debugger and check the process it stops in the code XlWrkBkReader := XlWrkBkReader.Open(FileName); in table Excel buffer.

WHat may be the reason behind this can anyone specify. the excel version in the client and server is also same.

Thanks in advance,


Did you check event viewer for more details?

Where is the file located? on client side or server side?

Dear Mohana

Thanks for the reply. I couldn’t see anyting in event viewer. the file is located in the server side not in client side


Sorry let me correct myself. first the file is exported in a temp file then i renamed the file and moved the file in the client location so that he can import the file. then he keeps the date in the one of the column of excel and the tries to import the file. this is the point where this error occurs…



Sorry let me correct myself. the file is in client side. first of all the client exports an excel file through NAV in the temp location. then with code i changed the location and renamed the file in the client location. then the user adds the date in one of the column and imports the file by selecting this file. this is the point where error occurs. is there any reason why this error occurs…??