Hi all,

While creating the new fixed asset the following error is reflecting

“Cannot create a record in Fixed assets (AssetTable). Fixed asset number: FA/CS/18-19/ 0001.
The record already exists.”

please help me out with this

Thank you


Can you please specify the version you are using.

I think the Fixed asset number that you are trying to create is already in your table.

Try deleting that record in that table.

VERSION:- AX 2012 R3

Check for that record in your table.

I am a new user, so can you please tell me where is the table is?


static void Job143(Args _args)
    AssetTable assettable;
    anytype    nu;
    nu = AssetTable::find("COMP-000004");
        info("The Record Is found");

Try this job in your development end. Replace the AssetId with your Fixed asset number: FA/CS/18-19/ 0001.
By this you can check whether record exist or not.

Another method is press CTRL+D open data dictionary-> tables-> assettable-> assetID(Field)
And filter that field to check whether the record is present or not.

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Bharath K

i found that and i deleted it but why the fixed asset number is taking the number sequence which is already present.

Check that field properties and "ALLOWDUPICATES " property to “NO”…

This can Fix your issue.

Please check and let me know for further queries.

where i can find these field properties

Please check the indexes in the asset table and its properties and also please see the fields inside the index and share screenshots on what is your problem

Otherwise, check the number sequence for that field whether it is a continuous number sequence or not and just let me know.

yes, it is continuous number sequence

Can you please tell me the exact thing that you are trying to do and where you are getting this error by steps please,so that i can help you further.


when i create a new fixed asset, the fixed asset number that is generating is already there in the system

Are you getting the same error once again.
Try it once again…

So there is an asset already with that number, you cannot have two assets referenced the same. What happens if you set the next number to 0002?

Any customisations? What version?

yes, i am getting the error again. previously you asked to check the field properties right, can you explain me how to do that because i think it is allowing the duplicates

Why would you want to create a duplicate record? It is physically something different to the asset already recorded surely?

The system is creating the duplicate record of fixed asset number, i want to stop it. How to do that?