Error while creating invoice proposal for on-account transaction in Time and material project

Hi all,

I am getting this error while creating a pre payment on account transaction for Time and material project “No account number exists for account type WIP - Invoiced - on-account for project <>.”

Can you please suggest what setup is missing.



Hi Shweta,

Go to Project management and accounting → Setup → Posting → Ledger posting setup. In this form select the tab page Revenue accounts.

Then check if there is an account setup related to the project, project group of this project or all projects for the option ‘WIP - Invoiced - on-account’. This one seems to be missing for this project.

Thanks Andre, Issue resolved now.

Hi all,

I have created one project based on Time and Material project group and created billing rule with line type of Progress and then I posted some hour and expense transactions.

Next I tried to create invoice proposal for hour transactions but I couldn’t because I am facing the error while creating invoice proposal “No invoice transactions”.

Whatever I posted the Hour transactions are not showing in invoice proposal.

Can anyone suggest me why this error occurred.

Kindly assist if I missed out any setup regarding to this.