Error While Activating The Inbound Port In AX2012 R2

Hi All,

Thanks only again for the error. I could not able to find the cause of the error. My dynamics is running on hyper - V image I’m triying to make a inbound port with a simple class when I try to activate the “Service Group” It throws me an error. Like the below one.

Please suggest me If you guys could able to find any solution for this. Thanks

Hi Sak,

It looks like your class is unreachable while Activating the Inbound port, may be due to VM.

Try Activating the inbound port other than VM, may be directly on server.

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Pranav Gupta

Thank you Pranav,

I found the solution. Thanks.

Hi sak,

Please elaborate how you solve the problem.So that it may be more understable to other users

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Stop AOS

Delete all files from XPPIL folder

Start AOS

Full compile the Dynamics AX application object (Should have zero error)

perform full CIL compilation

I hope this will solve your problem

Please verify and update with your findings.