Error while accessing Axapta Web Deployment client

Hi, We have been testing Axapta Web Deployment Client for quite some time. In most of the user’s machines it works perfectly fine. However in some user machines I am getting the following error message - --------------------------- Warning --------------------------- The Microsoft Axapta file was not launched, because you chose not to trust the Microsoft Axapta file, or because the Microsoft Axapta file could not be verified as an original Microsoft Axapta file published by Microsoft Business Solutions ApS. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Has anyone else faced this problem? Can some one help please. Thanks, Harish Mohanbabu

hi, you will get this msg if you have the wrong setup.exe or msi file in your web folders… I tried to customize the installation path in the orginal msi file with WISE - and afterwards I got the same msg. Do you get it when installing the application or the service pack? Kristian

Hi Kristian, I am pointing to current Axapta Client and SP that came along with Axapta 3.0 SP3. I get this error message as soon as the user clicks on the control. Till some time back there was some security issue concerning with the certificate. I am not sure whether that is the case here. Also I remember there was a hotfix released for this problem. Would be thankful if any of our friends working with resellers can confirm this … Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi ppl [:D] I have been doing most of my Axapta Web Devel in ASP.NET connecting with Business COM Connector. What exactly is “Axapta Web Deployment Client”? and where can I find more info about it?

Hi Bojan, Hope you are keeping well [:)] Briefly - Navision Axapta Web Deployment Client (NAWDC) is basically an ActiveX control that allows easy deployment of Axapta using Internet or Intranet. Typically this control is embedded in a web page. As soon as the user clicks on the control, if Axapta is not installed it will start the installation. Otherwise it will start the Axapta client. I remember seeing a document on NAWDC in Axapta 3.0 CD. In case if you can’t find it, do please let me know and I will forward the same to you. Cheers, Harish Mohanbabu

FYI Alex The Web Deployment component for Microsoft Axapta 3.0 was signed with a revoked certificate. This will cause users to receive the following error when trying to install or lauch Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta from teh Web Deployment Web page: “The Navision Axapta file was not launched, because you chose not to trust the Navision Axapta file, or because the Navision Axapta file could not be verified as an original Navision Axapta file published by Navision a\s.” This issue can be resolved with one of the following methods: Updating the cab file on teh Web Deployment server and ax32.exe on the client: - Copy the new to the Web Deployment directory on the web server. - Replace the appropriate ax32.exe in the client’s Bin folder (usually C:\Program Files\Navision\Axapta Client\Bin). - Remove the old Navision Axapta Web Deployment Client component from C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files by right-clicking and choosing Remove. - Install the new Web Deployment Client component on the client machine by opening the Web Deployment page. Changing Internet Explorer’s security settings (client): - In Internet Explorer go to Tools | Internet Options. Choose the tab page Advanced. - Scroll down to Security and uncheck “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation.”