Error when sales credit note

dear all,

I try to credit note in sales order and got the error message

"The quantity being returned is greater than what can be covered by the return lot…

The total invoiced quantity for the order : 1975

the quantity already credited :8100

the quantity available for creditng : -6125"

how can i solve it.?

i’ve already checked that is true the invoice quantity is 1975.

the SO has 3 invoice voucher. and i just want to credit not 2 invoice voucher for the SO.

Please help me.

thanks in advance

You cannot create a credit note where you have already processed credit notes for more than you have ever received. It is a good check.

Check your return orders, someone will have created on linked to the sales order.

Hi adam,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I’ve already checked and there is no transaction return order that link to the specific sales order.

Is there any other way to check it ?

Thanks in advance

Look at the item transactions.